We use education to inspire young adults, teach them hard and soft skills, and also give them and inherent sense of optimism for their future.

We are more than just an organisation, we are a family. By igniting the positive potential of our youth, they become a living inspiration to their families and communities. Their lives challenge the biases that limits the potential of most millennials.

We are a young, passionate and committed to our work group. Technology is our language and we speak it more fluently. The world today is empowered by technology, it drives the human race forward and provides a solution to some of the world’s problems.

We believe in equal rights for all Let’s work together.

At Goal Four Foundation we believe
“education is the key”. Not only formal education, but also edifying an individual outside the basics. We share the same passion as United Nations in the Sustainable Development Goals, that is why we have committed ourselves to impacting Quality Education.