Reconnecting Through Meaningful Conversations

You are invited to join us in a series of seasonal conversations inspired by our globally shared experience of disease and disconnection. As we individually search for a way to create meaning for ourselves, our communities, and the natural world, we are offering a safe space in which you can collectively engage in curious conversations. By questioning our thoughts, increasing our understanding through respectful conversations, and taking responsible action, we hope that you find yourself on a path to healing and ease and re-connection in your relationships and with the world.

We are inspired by the work of Afribuk Society, Goal Four Foundation and iReadtoLive initiative, bound by a common purpose of sharing stories and connecting educators, learners and community partners around the world.  The stories, insights and actions you contribute to Reconnecting Through Meaningful Conversation will elevate the visibility of each of these organizations and create a shared place for nurturing those connections over time. It has been said that human beings most fundamental needs are to be seen, to be heard and to know that our story is valued.

The power of storytelling as a transformative experience is well-researched and widely documented. By inviting a peer who you are aware does not share the same experiences and worldview as you, we hope that you will deepen your understanding of each other and through this process form a shared network of peers around the world. Therefore, we extend our invitation of participation in this conversation to taking action. We invite you  to record your personal journey of transformation through storytelling. We value your story and provide a safe platform for you to be seen and heard.


Great work!! So thoughtful, and this is going to help quite a lot of people. So many youths out there with various situations and everything rather seems to have come to an impasse. But this foundation brings hope and change excellent!!

Shawlyn Ndhlovu

Seeing people same age as me dreaming bigger, made G4F the ideal place for me to learn, I got inspired. It challenged me to change my way of seeing things, the journey is long so is my patience


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