Our Values

Interactive Education

Learning has evolved. Living in today’s highly digital world, infusing technology with learning is an integral part of education. Most of our youth today can boldly describe themselves as digital natives, their use of technology in every aspect of their lives will help push the boundaries of education.

Inspired Creativity

Everyone is born full of creativity. Educators and communities are directly or indirectly tasked with nurturing it. Often times communities go without noticing this duty they have. Investing in communities through our partnerships with institutions and organisations who share a similar mission and vision helps create an environment where ideas and innovation thrive.

Social Impact

We believe in a future where everyone has the knowledge and networks needed to build purposeful careers and relationships. Our youth-focused hands on approach develops your skills, your intellect and your ideas with an emphasis on real-world experience. The 21st century calls for a globally connected and smart-machines smart people, you don’t just become a #goaldigger you make an impact!

Values: The world as it is today, is yesterday’s work and tomorrow’s world is predictable because of the effort we put in today.
That is why at Goal Four we value traits like: passion, emotional intelligence, commitment, creativity, teamwork, courage, consistency, versatility and grit.

Our Work

How we make an impact, is we initially understand how the world works. By having the deepest possible understanding of the sustainable global goals and what quality education means, we create networks and links between students, entrepreneurs, organisations, and companies. We join “tutor and tutee” to share the necessary skills and information to take on some of the global problems from education to youth unemployment.

The Team



Babusi is a geologist-cum-policy professional who has worked extensively on education policy in Sub-Saharan Africa, energy efficiency and decarbonisation in Switzerland, Economic, Social and Demographics in the US, Business Development in China and Telecommunications standardisation in globally. He has worked and consulted for United Nation’s International Telecommunications Union (UN-ITU), JD.com, University of Geneva, Shandong Gold Group and Collaborative Learning Network, with media appearances with Voice of America during the 2022 World Economic Forum Davis Summit. He currently holds two Masters degree from Tsinghua University, from the University of Geneva and a Bachelor of Science in Geology from China University of Geosciences. 


Perseverence .S. Moyo


The 24 year old Zimbabwean, currently in her final year as a Chemical Engineering student in Tianjin University, China. She believes in hard-work, diligence and discipline. She recognizes the value of education because she has seen the consequences of it’s absence. Therefore she is passionate with helping under privileged young people because she believes they have the potential to positively impact the world.


Nyasha Gerema

Group Manager (Zimbabwe)

A humanitarian and a model from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She holds a national diploma in Mine Geology from the Zimbabwe School of Mines. She is passionate about social justice and bringing an end to child labor. She has been involved in social justice centered initiatives with Pan African Female Youth Leaders (PANAFYL) and  SAYWHAT.  Nyasha is currently studying Applied Geology With Midlands State University.


Kavita Tanna

Co Founder

With a passion for delivering education from a place of love rather than fear, Kavita Tanna is currently working at a Kindergarten in Beijing to deliver an integral, sustainable and innovative curriculum. In addition, she is working with Grade 3- Grade 9 students to practice empathy on a global scale through the implementation of the UN SDGs. Through the study of human evolution of consciousness in her Masters, Kavita has gained an insight into what motivates people to achieve their dreams and how they can do that through positive relationships. Through Goal Four Foundation, she hopes to bring like-minded people together to inspire each other to recognise the significant contribution each of us can make towards changing the world for the benefit of everyone.


Egas Veríssimo

Group Manager (Mozambique)

Currently studying Geology in China University of Geoscience in Beijing, Egas is a basketball trainer at Lingluzhe Basketball Club in Beijing. Once he finishes his studies, he is planning to go to Mozambique make a contribution in the discovery, collecting and analysis of minerals and precious stones to aid develop Mozambique. He intends to share with the community the skills and the methods of his specialisation in China, help create a conducive culture where kids can “aspire and inspire”, so he believes Goal Four Foundation can help accelerate the culture where young adults can learn, grow, inspire and create a positive impact in their communities.


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