We believe, to aid create a sustainable future, education is of utmost importance, it improves quality decision making which in- turns improve the quality of life. Access to inspired education can help families, communities and the world to develop creative and innovative solutions to the worlds biggest problems.

Mission: To connect youth and industry leaders to exchange skills to build the future they envision.

Vision: To see a vast majority of young adults wake up in the morning feeling like there’s an opportunity for them.

Values: The world as it is today, is yesterday’s work and tomorrow’s world is predictable because of the effort we put in today.
That is why at Goal Four we value traits like: passion, emotional intelligence, commitment, creativity, teamwork, courage, consistency, versatility and grit.


How we make an impact, is we initially understand how the world works. By having the deepest possible understanding of the sustainable global goals and what quality education means, we create networks and links between students, entrepreneurs, organisations, and companies. We join “tutor and tutee” to share the necessary skills and information to take on some of the global problems from education to youth unemployment.

Goal Four Foundation is devoted to inspiring and teaching (edifying outside the basics). We host conferences and seminars that cover almost all the topics you care about, curated in line with sustainable development, from global issues — business —it’s all education. Find out about our upcoming conferences near you.